Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for shoveling snow? Who fixes jammed garbage disposals? This handy resource answers our tenants’ most common questions.

What utilities are included with rent and how much are additional utilities?

The monthly cost of utilities varies depending on the building, utility company, seasons and size of apartment. Generally speaking, you can expect utilities to cost about $40-$75 per person; however, it is best to inquire about current rate with the manager prior to leasing your specific unit. 

Are there laundry facilities on-site?
Yes, all of our Boulder buildings have a shared laundry room with coin-operated washers and dryers. Our Ouray facilities are location dependent.
Is month-to-month leasing or a short-term lease available?
All of our leases have a 12 month term. However, sometimes it is possible to sublease your unit with an approved replacement tenant. Ask our property manager for terms and details.
Pet policy?
We encourage a pet free environment for all our tenants’ quality of living. We also desire fewer damages to our apartments. Our management team will consider your pet based on Colorado laws and your unique situation.
What are the rules and policies?
Community respect and consideration is our biggest rule. While we are willing to work with all our tenants on specific issues, please refer to the covenants of your lease agreement for lease infractions. We feel that communication is our best policy.
How do I pay rent?
All rent payments must be submitted through your tenant portal via EFT payments.
If something needs to be repaired in my apartment, who fixes it? Who pays for it?
Maintenance requests are submitted through your tenant portal and will be addressed by a maintenance technician as soon as possible. Emergency repairs should be brought to the immediate attention of our property manager by the listed phone number. Historically, our response time is very fast. Our lease gives us the right to re-enter during reasonable hours, we do everything we can to respect your privacy and get the job done expeditiously. Upon completion of the repair, an assessment will be made, if deemed it was due to tenant negligence, a bill will be posted to the tenants online account. Any payments will be assessed first to repairs and then to rent.
What are the steps to move out?

When you are ready to move-out please contact your manager to schedule a check-out walk-through. You are responsible to leave your apartment in good, clean condition less normal wear-and-tear. We reserve the right to hire additional cleaning if the unit is not too our move-in standards, this includes but not limited to painting walls, servicing appliances, shampooing carpets and repairing window coverings. Please check that smoke detectors and light bulbs are all in working condition. All keys must be returned to your manager in order to avoid lock replacement. 

How do I get my security deposit back after I move-out?

Your security deposit is handled under all Colorado Laws, our lease provides 60-days to post-mark your security deposit. We send your deposit with an electronic USPS tracking number. A copy of the return with the tracking number will be provided on your portal the day it is posted in the mail. Your check will be delayed if you do not provide us with a forwarding address. Boulder requires Landlords to pay an interest percentage on your deposit. Due to the high volume of trash accumulation and abandoned furniture placed in and around our dumpsters, an additional fee is assessed per tenant for additional haul-away costs that we incur. You must provide a move-in form within the first few days of tenancy with photos, this is then used upon your departure for damage assessment. Anything unreported will be considered negligence by the tenant. We highly recommend you schedule a move-out with your manager and use our third-party suggested professional cleaning services to ensure the highest return possible.